Patient selection criteria.


Beneficiaries of what “Build a bridge” provides are the individuals and families living in extreme poverty. By the term “individuals”, adult people are defined (unmarried, divorced, separated or widowed) who file an individual tax return and do not fall into the category of dependent members.

By the term “family” the unit of individuals are defined which are included in one or more dependent members or a married couple who have entered into a cohabitation agreement, with or without dependent members.

  • Income criteria:

The income of the beneficiary, resulting from the tax return of the last financial year, should not exceed the following limits of real income: 3.000 € per annum for or an individual and 4.500 € per annum for the couple, increased by 1.500 € for each adult dependent member of family and 900 € per annum for each minor dependent member of the family. In a single-parent family (a family protected by a single parent, unmarried, widowed or divorced) the first dependent minor member is considered an adult.

The following cases are listed as examples:


Family’s financial situation Annual income Monthly income
Individual person 3.000€ 250€
Family without a minor dependent member with a minor dependent member 4.500€ 375€
Family with 2 minor dependent members or person with 3 minor dependent members 6.300€ 525€
Family with 3 minor dependent members or person with 4 minor dependent members 7.200€ 600€
Family with 4 minor dependent members or person with 5 minor dependent members 8.100€ 675€

Real income: the total net real income of all categories (domestic or foreign orogin) received by all members of the beneficiary unit during the financial year- after deduction of taxes, social security contributions, deductions N. 4093/2012 or in favour of the public sector, of the solidarity contribution of N.3986/2011. The total net real income includes all allowances and other aids, as well as the income that is exempt from tax or taxed in a different specific way.

  • Long term unemployed:

Long term unemployed individuals are considered to be the citizens who have been unemployed for more than 12 months. Unemployment must result from an unemployment card certified by OAED for the corresponding period.

  • Residents of inaccessible/remote areas:

Eligible for the build a bridge program are the people who lie in inaccessible and remote areas of Greece where they are deprived of the health benefits of Tertiary Hospitals and specialised units in Gynaecological Cancer and Breast Cancer both in their place of residence and in a nearby area provided by this program.

  • Long waiting lists in Public Higher Hospitals:

Criteria for the selection in this program will be people diagnosed by a treating physician of a public or private hospital along with an accredited certificate from the relevant Public Tertiary Hospital for the date of the immediately available appointment as a long stay on the waiting list.

It’s difficult to include “poor” as a term in the criteria due to “poor” being defined as the persons, individuals or families, households or groups of such persons, whose need for assistance has been determined in accordance with the objective criteria of national authorities in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders, avoiding conflicts of interest, or designated by partner organizations and approved by those competent national authorities, and which may include elements that allow the needy to be targeted in certain geographical areas “.