Imagine if everyone had equal access
in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer..

Fiorita Poulakaki MD, PhD, FEBS

Breast Surgeon - Mammologist

Director of the Breast Clinic at Iatriko Athinon

Georgios - Marios Makris MD ,PhD, MSc

Obstetrician - Surgeon - Gynecologist

Gynecologist Oncologist (EBCOG- ESGO accredited)

Director of the Gynecology Clinic at Iatriko Athinon

The story

The non-profit organisation “build a bridge” was founded in May of 2021, from two people sharing the same vision, a world without inequalities in the field of health: Makris Georgios-Marios, gynaecologist-oncologist and Poulakaki Fiorita, breast surgeon. The organisation runs in the field of health and social welfare regarding the combating of breast cancer and gynaecological malignancies in Greece, supporting patients from minor social groups (uninsured, patients with a low income, long term unemployed, patients living in remote areas with difficult access etc.).

Vision - Mission

  • The purpose of this organisation is the direct access in complete medical care and support for women with breast cancer or gynaecological malignancies, that are unable to due to economical or geographical limitations.
  • The medical care includes the surgical treatment and follow-up additional oncological treatments as well as the patient’s observation following the completion of the treatments.
  • The therapeutic treatment takes place in certified units for breast cancer and gynaecological cancer.